Easter Weekend Post

Hey Everyone!!! Guess who is back today with a brand new post??

DHTeenchat that’s who folks!! And Today I just realized that it’s Easter this weekend and I want to write something about it.
As we all know that Easter is a holiday where we celebrate bunnies and the candy and a new season, from where I am it’s becoming winter here in South Africa and we are very glad because it basically feels like summer every day, but don’t let me get off topic here!!
I love Easter because it is a  happy time for me and family.It is also celebrated by religious people who are Christians(if you are one)and they are also very excited to celebrate this holiday and sees this celebration as part of their religion.
And I want to tell you guys that I see Easter as a very happy time and new things for the year and everything.
So for those who celebrate Easter, I just want to say enjoy time with family and make every moment precious, if you’re going anywhere this weekend be safe on the roads.😊😉

P.S. For those who liked and read Under The Boards, a sequel is in works keep a lookout though.

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