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!!! Hellooo boys and girls – – – – – welcome back to my page !!!

A quick update on what I have been busy with this week ………!!!!!!!!!
As I was telling a bit about myself in my last post, I forgot to tell you that I’m also working as a lighting and sound employee at our local theatre The Masque Theatre.
Since I can remember I was interested in lights and how it works in a play/concert.  Last year in March I volunteered to help out and I enjoyed my job.
I’ve been working since Tuesday this week until late every evening.  The play is called “Down The Rabbit Hole”.  It is a drama. The show is on until Saturday evening.  Then we are done!!!!

I am considering to become a sound & lighting engineer but I have some other options too.
I also want to study business (market research).
 That’s why I’m doing awesome online courses at Future Learn.
My view from where I work.

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