(Special Post) #sweet16 Birthday


You are getting another blog post to read because this one is very special which I would really love to share with you.
First of all…

Two blog posts in one day?!!


 Wow!! That’s a first for me.

But I wanted to say that yesterday was my sweet16 birthday!!


I wouldn’t really call it sweet, more….smooth and laid-back.

Well anyway, yesterday was a nice day and it was raining too – thank goodness!!


We went to Cavendish in Claremont (a mall in a southern-suburb of Cape Town)

We went to have dinner, hung-out, it was pretty lit though.download (2)

In my birthday suit of course!!

Me in my birthday suit and new shoes!! I had an amazing time!!

But I also want to say thank you to all my friends, family, and others for the birthday wishes. I appreciate it very much and I had a great time!!

Thank You.


I’m already thinking what to do for next year’s birthday….


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