REVIEW: Avengers: Infinity War


Today I am going to express my opinion about the most popular movie – Avengers: Infinity War.  The BIGGEST Marvel movie ever that’s been making headlines online!!  There may be some of you guys that have seen the film.
This past Saturday  I went to see it.  It was worth every cent.  Let’s get into it, my fellow Marvel geeks…
First 5 minutes into the movie:
In the beginning, I felt nervous.  I heard there were some characters that were going to die. And yep, Loki dies (Thor’s brother). I was shocked!!! I couldn’t believe it!! In the sequel of Thor: The Dark World he faked his death, so in this movie, it was a bit of a surprise and unexpected. I felt Tom Hiddleston was excellent in his role. I do however hold my thumbs and hope that he will return in some way in part 2 next year…RIP Loki.
The big purple baddie that everyone has been waiting for since he made his appearance in Avengers (2012). Thanos has only one goal ever since and that’s been to collect the infinity stones to balance the universe. After watching this film I can totally understand his motives even though it meant killing everyone in the process.
The movie relates a lot to The Lego movie (2014) in a way that Lord Business wants to control everything and want things to be normally balanced and is disrupted by everything that is out of order. I really like how the Russo brothers (directors) have not turned Thanos into the typical cliche villain that wants to invade and take over every city. The mad titan that Thanos is, has a different view of things but thinks nobody is perfect to stay alive.
At the end of the movie, when he snaps his fingers and everyone turns to ash and disappear. The gauntlet is destroyed, matter-of-fact blown out, but still has the stones.  Thanos sits in a rice field, smiling into the sunset.
What does this mean? What’s going to happen next? I’ll guess we’ll need to wait for part 2 next year then…
Iron Man:
Here is my favorite hero of all times!! The guy who started the MCU back in 2008!!
Tony Stark (Iron Man) was the highlight of the movie in my opinion. (no kidding)
Iron Man had the most screentime in the movie. But I mean, of course, he is the leader of the Avengers and the hero who takes the most risks. In the one specific scene, in New York, with Dr. Strange and Bruce Banner, Tony has a brand new Ironman suit called Mark 48. It’s made of nano-technology. And WOW!! can he deliver a good punch on Black Dwarf.
On Thanos’ home planet Titan. Ironman, Spiderman, Dr. Strange, and the rest of the guardians are in an intense battle with Thanos but quickly gets defeated by Thanos.
Thanos throws a planet, using the power stone, at Ironman.  Later on, he gets really angry. Thanos and Ironman are locked in an extraordinary fight.  Unfortunately, Ironman gets stabbed by Thanos by his own blade.  I was literally shocked!!
But Dr. Strange asks to spare his life in exchange for the time stone and Thanos does so. And here the storyline sort of comes to an end…
We’ll have to see what is Ironman’s fate in the 2nd part…
Okay, guys, that’s my opinion of the Avengers movie and if you enjoyed my review please leave a comment, like this post, and a follow me if you want to hear more from DHTeenchat!!
Also, also if you are a Marvel fan and haven’t seen Infinity War yet, go check it out.   It’s something to see!!

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