Fortnite: The New Minecraft??

The game that took the world by storm!!

With over 45 million players worldwide!!

!!Fortnite: Battle Royale!!

Wherever I look online, I keep hearing of this Fortnite.
And I keep saying to myself: It’s probably just another game everyone fusses about…as usual.

But think again!!

I did some research about Fortnite and first I thought: Okay, it looks cool, but still not sure if I wanna play it. Then, some of my friends started to talk about it. EVEN YOUTUBERS STARTED PLAYING ON THEIR CHANNEL!!
Then last week I thought to give it a try by downloading it online Download Fortnite Free
I started playing for a while and I have to say, it looks cool with good graphics.  The game has in-purchases and you have to buy to upgrade to get access to costumes or weapons. I’m new to the Fortnite world, so I’m still learning.
I can totally see why this game has attracted so much attention and players since it was released last year by Epic Games. The game is a co-op sandbox survival game where players can join a team/s or play against each other, and kill each other off with weapons and get chest boxes, ammo boxes, health upgrades and such. Almost like Minecraft!!

After 10 years available, Minecraft, with 75 million players, is still popular and people love to play this favorable brick-building strategy game.

When I was watching some Youtubers play Fortnite, I couldn’t help but wonder, that Fortnite is a bit similar to Minecraft, due to the fact that it is about building, surviving and picking up items and teaming up with other players. I tried to play Minecraft before, but I gave up quickly. I never really played Minecraft heavily (if I don’t like something, I don’t like it).
With Fortnite there’s action, something is happening, something to get the person hooked and come back for more. But since Fortnite is so popular now online, what are the chances that Fortnite is gonna pass Minecraft one of the days? What if Minecraft is going to become underrated soon? Is Fortnite the New Black?
Well…one thing is for sure, with gaming there’s always some other game that’s gonna pop up some day and steer everyone’s attention to that game…

What do you think of Fortnite or do you prefer Minecraft?

Let me know what you guys think and remember to leave a like and a follow…

Cheers for now!!  images

P.S. What do you call a Pokemon who can’t move very fast?
A Slow-poke!! Ha Ha Ha Okay, I’ll stop now.

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