Socialization in my Teenage World!!

Hi everyone. DHTeenchat is back!!

I haven’t posted anything in a while, due to the fact I was sick. But not to fret, here’s a  blog post for today. Enjoy!!   download (2)

To start, what is socializing?? What does it mean??

Well, according to the online dictionary Merriam Webster in their version: to make social; especially to fit or train for a social environment.

  • Or something like: to organize group participation in socializing a recitation.

THAT’S QUITE A MOUTHFUL THERE!! Although a lot of people has different viewings of socializing. And today I am going to talk about what socializing means to me…#sociallivesmatter.
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For me, I like to socialize with my friends on Facebook…Okay, maybe I don’t really socialize on Facebook, because I just scroll most of the time through my feed, and I see what the others are posting. But you get what I’m saying right??  download
Then the other thing is I like to chat on Whatsapp. (The most popular messaging app in the whole wide world!!) Where we share jokes and memes, talk about our day etc.
And I mustn’t forget about Twitter oh no!! Twitter is most of the time for my blog and to send out updates for what’s coming and to connect with others.
But there are times where I make time for myself, try to relax and get my things in order. A few weeks ago, I started to engage in a game of volleyball every Wednesday, just to have some fun and chill.
I thought I’m not going to like it at first, but I started to enjoy it after a while. AND I”M LOOKING FORWARD PLAYING AGAIN THIS WEDNESDAY!!
There are times when I look at other teenagers / young adults and I see they socialize with their friends through online gaming by playing PS4 and X-box. I’m not really much of a video game player, yeah sure I like to have fun and play, but I’m not really hardcore about it or anything.
My other type of socializing with other people is just talking and having deep conversations with someone I connect with. Just because I talk to people, doesn’t necessarily mean I am close friends with them. I keep the people I care about the most close to me.

And that’s what SOCIALIZING means to me…

What does it mean to you??

I hope you guys have liked my blog post, and if you do, leave a like and a comment down below, and tell me what you think about socialization.

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Until Next Time – Cheers!! imagesdownload (2)

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