(STORYTIME) The Princess And The Pig …(Hilarious)

Hey everyone!!

I know, I know… You all must be wondering where I’ve been? Where did I disappear for these past few weeks?

Well, I will admit that I have been absent, and that’s why I am going to tell you what I’ve been up to…with hilarious consequences of course…

Do you remember that time, when you were little; our parents used to tell us bedtime stories about Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs or Red Riding Hood? Well, since the beginning of the year, our senior drama group has been working on a play for the winter school holidays.   It was aimed at little children and toddlers. The adults were there to keep an eye on them but it looked more as if the target group was 2-99 years of age.resized-image_0009_pinterest.com-funny-emoji

The play was called The Princess And The Pig – Story Time 2. 

The story is about a poor farmer who has founded a pig in a basket coming home from the market.  He called the pig Gruntella and decided to raise it like it’s his own child.  The queen, who lived in the castle, had a baby named Penelope.  She, accidentally, dropped the baby, while she didn’t look what she was doing, and the baby missed the cot and fell over the balcony!!
Down, down, down fell the baby and landed in the farmer’s cart.  The pig flew up, up, up right into the baby’s cot!! The queen decided that the bad fairy, that was me, had turned the baby into a pig, and the farmer decided that the good fairy had turned the pig into a baby!! It was so funny I have to admit. Until the end, no one really knew what really happened…

NEWSFLASH!! I’M THE FARMER!! Why does my pig look like a human baby girl??

I also have to tell you guys that the play had varied scenes containing different characters from the stories, for example, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood together, or Sleeping Beauty and the Frog Prince etc. It basically was like a crossover play, and pop- culture references were made in the play. It is what made the whole play funny.
The next character I played, in the next scene, was very embarrassing for me personally. I wish to forget it someday.   I had to put on some funny, evil accent. You guys might laugh at this, so I give you…

Yeah, I know, ridiculous right??resized-image_0009_pinterest.com-funny-emoji It was Sleeping Beauty we were doing here, and I was singing a song here, while Sleeping Beauty was taking a stroll through the castle (aka, the audience.) I had to wear this pink wig.  It was very uncomfortable, and I couldn’t see well. A little boy started crying when he saw me; I felt bad for the little guy. But the audience roared with laughter when they saw me.
I also had to learn how to knit for that scene.  That was the most awkward thing to do because the needles didn’t move well and people could obviously see the way I was knitting that it was fake. They just chuckled under their breaths and brushed it away. It was literally 10 seconds of knitting so I was chilled about. Nobody really saw anything.
After Sleeping Beauty “pricked” her finger on the needle, she fell to the floor, and I jumped up dramatically and ran into the distance as if I was BATMAN!!
Why do I think of Spider-Man when I see this image?? Maybe I’m the spider-fairy!!?

The rehearsals were the week before and the show itself ran a whole week in theatre.  After these 2 weeks, I was very tired on the last day.  We had an after-party when we were done and that was great fun. I still can’t believe I had to wear that wig, you guys won’t know the difficulty to wear something like that.


It felt to me as if I was going to run into the wall, at least if that happened the children would’ve laughed their heads off – after all!!  they didn’t like the bad fairy!! I was very embarrassed to do this.  I don’t really like to dress up or make a fool of myself in front of people. I did this for entertainment and to be in character. Despite the fact that the children / adults loved the characters I played it also gave me an inner-happiness.
I remember when I was little, people also made fools of themselves and played along with me and I also smiled and was amused. So I got the chance to amuse others. I am basically any way the joker in my family…

Thank you guys for reading this blog post.

I hope you were amused as well (you better be.)  download (2)

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