Hey everyone, how are you doing? I trust it’s going well with you all. Today the weather in Cape Town is chilly, cold and rainy…

Yes, you heard right! It’s cold and rainy in Cape Town, which means it’s winter in South Africa right now!!…
The winter in South Africa endure from April till September and I can tell you guys this –  it’s very cold here during those months.
These past few days of rain and cloudy weather, I also realized how the weather can make some people unhappy. The word winter is often used as a metaphor by saying: My heart is cold as stone;  My life is going through a thunderstorm etc. And that’s why, today,  I am going to talk about the winter in our lives and how it affects us…
Let’s all chill. (pun intended)
Winter can be a nightmare sometimes, with the constant cold, rain, snow, and wind. But metaphorically speaking, winter can be a rough time in a person’s life.  There could be various reasons;

  • going through a break-up
  • financial problems
  • depression
  • and many other things that people go through that they consider to be a thunderstorm.

I have faced some thunderstorms in my life, and some of them were rough. Last year in November, my dad fell deathly ill. He was almost 2 weeks in the hospital.  He got well again, but then got diagnosed with cancer 8 weeks later.  The thunderstorm in my life just got bigger and bigger, but we got through it.
The other cold front that came into my life was when my grandfather suddenly passed away last year in March after he had a massive stroke.  It was very shocking and depressing news to all of us.
From my personal perspective, I think that people get upset when bad things happen – we don’t want to get caught in that storm.
Some people’s perception of heavy rain is a thunderstorm.  For some, a bit of snow is a snowstorm.  For some, heavy windy conditions are the best thing in their life.  This is the beauty of life.  How special were we made??!!

What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

That is a quote that I keep telling myself every day for inspiration.  We don’t always want that storm, but sometimes it is necessary because we come out a stronger person.  Then we are ready to take on the next storm.
When I get a storm in my life I can’t control or stop it.  What I do know is that all the many times I got soaked and wet from the last storm, I picked myself up, dried myself and carried on.
Life isn’t easy, and it will never be easy, even though we want it to be.  Life has a way to let things happen and throw it to us, but it’s our choice if we are gonna let that storm get us down.

Have you ever experienced a winter storm in your life that was difficult?

Ever felt the need to give up?

What do you do if you experience a winter storm?

Do you feel, even though the storm took you down, that you can fight the next storm?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section and tell me a bit about the storm(s)

in your life.

That’s all for today guys!! Thank You for reading this blog post.

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And you’ll hear from me again…soon


My plan was to write something about Spring, but suddenly a thunderstorm, a rolling thunderstorm with heavy rains and snow came down into my life.
Our beautiful country is going through a rage of riots.  Especially the Western Cape (the province we live in.) For the last 3 weeks, things were really going very bad in a holiday town called Hermanus (a coastal town, 120,2 km from Cape Town).  As a result of this, the Policemen and -women are working very hard and long hours.  Rioters are really behaving very bad and they will randomly attack the Police members.
My dad, who is the Police Chaplains in the Western Cape’s manager, was called, by the minister of Police, to go and set up a trauma room to support the Police members emotionally.
He left with a few minutes notice to us as a family.  We knew that he would be entering a very dangerous area.
Friday we got a distress call from him telling us that the minister of Police, the Premier of the Western Cape, the Provincial Commissioner of the Police in the Western Cape and he himself were in danger.  About 30 minutes later he informed us that they were all safely escorted out of the danger zone.
I was extremely scared and worried about his safety.  It rocked my boat and I was back in winter.
But, I do know that all winters eventually passes and I think I can see spring over the horizon………………..



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