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Last time, in my previous blog post, I was talking about the winter in our lives – SEASONS IN OUR LIVES: WINTER

Well, I hope you guys are starting to warm up a bit after the dreadful cold weather because today we are going into Spring!!

So, sit back, and relax…

First of all…

What is Spring? I can answer that for sure…!!

Spring is the meaning of a new life. A new season.
Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons, following winter and preceding summer. There are various technical definitions of spring.
The trees are getting leaves and the flowers are growing again.  After the winter, with the cold and rains, everything is starting to slowly go back to normal the way it was before.  Things are still in the healing process, but we are making a soon-to-be full recovery.


But the question you might have: How does Spring relate to our lives??
After the rough time through the cold, snowy and rainy weather, we are slow to recover from the horrible storm.  Just like the leaves on trees growing again, we are still wet and cold, but we are slowly growing to be ourselves again and living life to the fullest. Letting all those negative emotions and feelings go.
Entering Spring into our lives, after a difficult time, is also like starting a new life. We are ready to forget about what happened and move on.

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In South Africa, we have Spring which starts in August and endures until mid-October.  Then from there, Summer is on again.
20 Reasons to Love Spring in South Africa by Roseanna McBain
Spring is also seen as a happy time. Spring is a time for rebirth and fresh starts.
But how do you feel when you walk/drive past trees, and you see these green leaves are blooming? And the green grass that is growing? You feel happy, don’t you?
It’s a new season and we are feeling happy to see this green color that is starting to show in nature around us. Well, I can tell you guys how I feel when Spring show up…
When I see Spring around me, I think immediately of Summer, because that’s where we are heading, but I also realize it may not be Summer already, but we are getting there.
The winter has come and made everything just miserable, we were looking forward to going to the beach, or go for a picnic or something fun etc. But now with a new season here, we can look forward to the fun times ahead.
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Spring also brings bright colors to the new season and that’s what makes me happy also! I like the sunshine and the bright colors. Just like in our lives, after the dreadful storm, we are also, as humans, starting to be happy and change ourselves. And maybe the sun is the cause to make people feel happy and positive.
According to Wikipedia: Sunlight is effective at improving happiness levels for those with SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition where people get clinically depressed in the winter because there is less sunlight.


We feel different and change every season that passes us, and that’s why it’s important to let us embrace every season with open arms no matter what. A season is a time where there are new beginnings and we have to embrace it. It’s up to us if we are going to let it get us down and feel negative.
I just want to tell you, dear reader, that is reading this: You are a strong person and whatever problems you have in your life currently, don’t let it get you down, don’t let that storm soak you wet.  What do you want to change in your life to be a better person? Spring is a new beginning, let’s make a change.

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See you guys next time!!!

When everything turns green, what do you think about??…

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