MOVIE REVIEW: The Incredibles 2 (Was it fantastic or incredible??)

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In any case, a week ago I saw the most FANTASTIC or shall I say INCREDIBLE (pun intended) movie of all time!!

The Incredibles 2!!

It was such a great movie that I decided I will be giving my own review of highlights from the movie and what I think of it. So get ready for an INCREDIBLE ride!! (Incredibles Theme playing)

Elastigirl / Mrs Incredible:









The heroine in this movie everyone!!

I was very excited to hear that there was a sequel coming out after the original one 15 years ago, but I never expected from Mrs. Incredible to take the lead role and save the day. I sort of expected that Mr. Incredible would save the day again, but he already did that in the previous one. So I thought the whole family would do hero work in this movie. At the very end of the last movie, The Underminer was attacking Metroville, and the Incredible family was gearing up to stop him!!

I really thought that The Underminer was going to be the main villain in this movie, but Disney really proved me wrong.  It was really just a short battle with The Underminer and he disappears again soon after a good 10 minutes.  He seemed like a random villain to me.  I really have to say Mrs. Incredible was amazing in this movie and I like how this movie promotes women empowerment.

In my personal opinion, I think the sequel was done amazingly, so original, and it doesn’t leave out any plot holes. Brad Bird you outdid yourself!!

I would love to see more of Mrs. Incredible take action and kick butt whenever Disney has confirmed a threequel. But for now…Perfecto!!


Screen-slaver / Evelyn Deavour


The Screen-slaver, or shall I say…Villain?!

I and I mean it guys when I say it, really had no idea that Disney was going to cast a…weird-looking dude that looks like a scuba diver…with creepy round looking glasses, and a grill around its mouth (totally creepy).

When I watch superhero movies I’m usually more curious about the villains than the superheroes.  Normally the audience is supposed to know who is the protagonist(s), but we never really know the antagonist’s identity until it’s revealed somewhere in the movie?? The Screen-slaver is a totally creepy villain, and I’m impressed by that. The villain is very mysterious, even though we see him through a few scenes, but we never know the true identity behind the mask.

I was a bit surprised to learn that the true identity of the villain was a woman.  I have nothing against a female-villain, but I never expected it, that’s all.  But the character Evelyn Deavour was excellent as the villain.  I say this is because the villain’s motivations are far more compelling and mature than those of the previous villain, Syndrome – the villain of the original Incredibles.

Pixar really did a good job with the sequel’s villain and I am really taken by surprise, this movie was really unexpected, adventurous, mysterious. So I can recommend The Incredibles 2!!


Frozone / Lucius Best:




Frozone is basically my favorite character in the Incredibles’ franchise. When I heard of the sequel coming out I was like “is Frozone gonna be in the sequel?” “And if he’s gonna be in the sequel, then what is his part?” I think we all have that thought of side characters from a previous film: “Are they returning to the sequel”?Because sometimes, a story doesn’t always include previous characters in a sequel, so people are wondering if they are returning.

And from my personal view from what I have seen in the sequel of the Incredibles is that I think Frozone was pretty COOL!! (another pun intended) I like his icy powers and what it can benefit, not only for him but those around him also. In the previous film, Frozone was most of the time during the film MIA. He only appeared in the beginning and at the end to help with the final battle. I also like that Frozone is more involved in the sequel, we learn a bit more about him as we progress through the film.  In the final battle, the heroes are stuck on a massive boat, and the boat is heading to hit Metroville.  Frozone comes skating in, and unleash everything he’s got in him and blast a huge amount of frozen ice on the water in front of them to stop the boat from a collision. That was pretty awesome, and that proves that Frozone is worthy to fight crime along the Incredibles.  If a threequel is confirmed soon, well I hope they include Frozone again, cause he’s cool

“Where’s my super suit?”- Frozone


Mr. Incredible / Bob Parr:



Mr. Incredible does not do much throughout the film, except he’s watching after the kids while Mrs. Incredible is gone to save the day.  In the previous movie, Mr. Incredible was the main protagonist. After heroes were outlawed, Mr. Incredible was forced to live a normal life among citizens, but then he was requested to go to an island and train again to be a hero. Like I said, Mr. Incredible doesn’t do much hero work in the sequel (except beginning and end) but watching his kids. Only, in the end, he fights along with his family, Frozone and a bunch of other heroes against the antagonist. But let’s hope in the threequel, he will maybe surprise us with some of his own Incredibleness…


Okay, guys, that’s my review of the latest Pixar blockbuster: The Incredibles 2.

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