Hello, I’m talking to you, Devan, 10 years into the future. How’re things?

I am writing this letter to you so that you will be able to read this in 10 years time (when you are 26) and maybe look back one day and realize how much of the years you went through and wonder if you accomplished your goals also.  So please go ahead, and look back on this day when you wrote this…Enjoy!!

Wow! I mean, I have a lot of questions about the future, like, is blogs still a thing in the future? Because, if you keep pursuing your blog career, and become famous or whatever, I hope you find this and read this.  I always thought that humans will be able to communicate in the future with microchip implants or through holograms.  Since technology is evolving every day, I always think about how humans will communicate with each other in the future.


I have always wondered, if you have gone abroad, if it was always your dream to go abroad?  Have you been to LA?  Greece?  Italy?  London?  If you haven’t yet gone abroad, and, still stuck in SA…  Make a plan (in case you have struck the lottery, good for you lol).

How are your friends, also, by the way? Are you still in contact with them?  I’m pretty sure some of them may have moved away in ten years’ time or gone on with their own lives.  If some of them did stay behind in Cape Town and you guys got a bit distant from each other…  Make time to see them, especially if it’s people you’ve spend a lot of time with.  And I know it’s tough to let go of friends, especially if they’ve moved far away or got into a heated argument with you just as you left.  You will always meet new people in life (even though you are very introverted lol) who will make you happy and bring new memories.

The one thing that I wondered about is how’s SA’s condition is?  Did the country improve? Did the economy get a boost too?  This is very strange that I give you advice buddy, but I think you should maybe invest in the stock market.  Who knows?? Maybe you’ll get a good percentage.  What are you doing with your life right now? Are you still continuing with blogging? But like I said earlier in my letter…I don’t know if blogs will still exist in 10 years’ time, but hey!!… If they still do exist and you love what you are doing. KEEP DOING IT!!… But you also wanted to do market research as a job, but if the blogging doesn’t turn into a career someday and was just for fun, maybe give market research a GO!!

I must admit that what I’m doing right now, I enjoy very much.  I love blogging.  It gives a persona change to relieve itself from what’s on your mind and share your views on things with people.  And I really hope that you keep doing what you love to do.  It will make me very proud to know that you have made progress with your goals and that you’ve at least try!!

The other struggle that I also fight with sometimes is that I’m always afraid what the future may bring. The future is very, very, very unpredictable and scary, and anything can happen.  And it’s fine if you’re still having that anxiety inside of you and uncertainties.  I just want to let you know that you might want to tone it down a bit and just chill, everyone tells me I need to chill and not stress so much.  But oh well, you know us… It’s who we are…

Are you enjoying life also? Are you having fun, or are you broke??

I’m just kidding!!  But you better have fun and live your life – life is short.  I really hope that you have achieved your goals and if not, at least you are okay and alive and that’s important.

Okay!! I think I’m gonna cut the letter short here before I go overboard with the questions lol.

Thanks for reading this letter champ.  And even though I have written this, I still want you to have something to look back on, and this is the past self that is giving you advice and courage to go on with your life and never give up…Have a good one sport!! 

P.S. Don’t read this, till your 26th birthday…





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