Have you ever, EVER wondered what is the reality? What is suppose to be real??

Today I will be discussing the harsh, cold-splashing truth about THE WORLD and what is the reality in our own versions.  STAY SEATED FOR THIS ONE GUYS!!…

From the age when I was a little toddler, I never knew the world, I was this innocent little child who went on with his life and didn’t know a thing about the world.

And, as we get older, we hear from our parents they are preparing us for the ‘real world’ like what is that suppose to mean, am I right?

From toddler age, we have this version in our minds that Santa Clause is real or the Easter Bunny is real and life is just great you know?  We have no idea about the world and its things; the good old days – now that I think about it…But let me not get off topic here!!

Then comes the teenage years;  we crave that independence and we think that life is great being an adult.  I do sometimes think that adult life can be great and it looks great, but I don’t really think so anymore, grown-up life looks like it sucks – looking at it!!



Teenagers always want to be independent and find their place in the world and that’s great, that’s really something they should do…buttttt…the world also has a way to be unfair, cruel, and try to get you down and control you.  I think that’s why teenagers may be depressed, due to peer pressure, struggles in life and so many expectations from the world from them and them from the world.

I listen to my parents talking about their different jobs and I wonder if this is all worth the while.  Jo!!!  They have a lot of crap sometimes and I am not sure if I am ready to enter the adult world as yet. They have a lot of stress and worries about things that I am not ready to have.  I would rather have them carry my stress for me at this stage of my life.

From your teenage years, you expect that life will be great but then you see this negative stuff and how miserable life can be.  Then you start wondering…

Teenagers’ version of seeing reality is when they see the world as a place that is nice and you are able to do whatever you want;  getting that dream job you’ve always wanted;  everyone is happy;  the world is not so bad etc.

Teenagers are very creative people if I may say so myself, and in my view, they are the next generation that is gonna change the world.  That is what the world needs today, that the youth can make a difference in this cold world, and not stick to this world’s negative shadow.

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Until next time!! See ya guys!!

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