BLOG SERIES Part 1: What Does It Mean To Be A Blogger?



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People often ask me:  What is a blogger?  What do bloggers do?

Well, for starters when I started my blog and I told people about my blog, they wouldn’t necessarily look enthusiastic;  they would look more confused and didn’t understand what I’m saying…

But, when I explained to them more about blogging they seemed to understand it a little more. (still confused, but okay)









But the thing that amazes me the most is that most people know nothing about blogs or about bloggers!!  Like for real.  People still ask me what do I do?  When I reply that I blog, they get that awkward look and change the subject.

Bloggers tend to be stereotyped as people that sit behind a computer all day long.   Writing content for their own amusement.  Having no life of their own … HMM … NO, they are totally wrong!!

Bloggers are people that do have their own lives.  Take it from me who is a blogger myself.  We write content so that we can share our opinions and educate people on certain topics.

Blogging might look like something that is from a lesser value to people, but to those who are bloggers themselves, it is their passion to write and talk about things that interest them, IT MATTERS.

Blogging isn’t also necessarily a money-making scheme. Yeah, bloggers earn an income online through different methods, and people leave their “boring office jobs” to work online, and blogging is actually the COOLEST thing ever!!

I wouldn’t normally classify myself as a blogger, because it sounds cheesy and a title that people don’t really take seriously sometimes.


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I would say I’m more of an online entrepreneur or I have an online business because that’s what bloggers actually do.

Bloggers are people who are actually classified as business owners of their own site and sells valuable information or products to their audience.

How I got to write this blog post is actually interesting:  I am part of a blog group on Facebook called “Blogging like we mean it” and everybody on the group is very helpful and nice.

One day I was scrolling through my feed as I saw this one blogger asking on the group “What does it mean to be a blogger”? And instantly it gave me some thought by how I was fascinated by this question, and that’s how that question led me to write this blog post.


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I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I’ll probably hear from you again. Cheers!!



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