BLOG SERIES Part 2: My life as a blogger

Hello, friends! It’s good to see that you are back for another blog post from DHTeenchat.

Last time in my previous blog post I was talking about  “What Does It Mean To Be A Blogger?”

That topic had me really excited to share with you guys (even if you are a blogger or not) to show what the characteristics are of a blogger.

Today’s blog post is gonna be more interesting.  Have you guys ever wondered how I arrange my blog posts?

How I plan them and write them?

How do I have time for this and that?

Wellll…You have come to the right place.  I will be talking about “My life as a blogger” I’m SO EXCITED!! Let’s jump in…


  1. Where do I find the time to write:

In the week I am super busy.  Another thing I have forgotten to tell you guys is that I am homeschooled.  I have a bit more time on my hands to write, but in the week I am busy. On Saturdays, I usually write.



2. How many posts do I write:

On Saturdays when I write, I write one post and save it as a draft.  I did think of writing 2 on a day but writing a blog post take a lot of time – and I am sure you guys who are bloggers know the feeling. There are times that I write a post on Saturday, and then on Sunday maybe, then I save it.

3. Behind The Scenes: (Bloopers)

You guys don’t wanna know how many times I have made GRAMMAR MISTAKES!! It’s so annoying to write a blog post and try to be cautious with the grammar, just to find out there is an error mistake with the grammar.  But I do let a small audience read it first to test the waters and see people’s reactions, and then I will assume it will be good.  When it comes to blogging, it is very important to check for grammar mistakes and to experiment with your post a bit to see how it will turn out.  I do change the title of my posts because I want it to be perfect, and I delete some paragraphs also to make it sound more applicable.


4. Stressing each month about traffic:

The other thing which is part of the blog journey is TRAFFIC.  Each month I am trying to aim for a certain amount of views on my posts or on my blog site.  The reason why I stress about traffic is that I try really hard to create and write original content for my readers that will hopefully reach a significant amount of views and I can try and see what my audience like.  If I don’t reach that amount of views, then I fell hopeless that I didn’t do good enough lol. 


I don’t want to bombard you guys with EVERYTHING about my life as a blogger, but I really hope I could give you guys some insight about DHTeenchat and that you can see how I work everything out.

Thanks, guys for reading this blog post.

If you have more questions of your own that you would like to know about my blog, please leave a comment down below and a like. Make sure to keep up with my social media accounts also. Cheers!!






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