A Day in Cape Town





Saturday the biggest global rugby event was hosted in Cape Town – the HSBC World Rugby Cape Town 7’s…

I can’t tell you guys how much fun I had last weekend, like the type of fun you have when going on a roller coaster, but except this is where you watch sweaty guys running around on a field tackling each other, trying to score type of fun lolol.

This rugby event is something far better than any rugby, because these are the reasons: IT’S SUPER FAST, like it will take 14 minutes for 2 teams with 7 members each to play, where other rugby takes super long !!

We have a lot of differences in South Africa, but if there’s something South Africans have in common; is it rugby.


I’m not really much of a sports person, although, I will watch and secretly judge and cheer, but rugby is just a sport that everyone agrees on. (not always)

If there are any of you guys who are sporty people or interested in rugby (or as Americans call it; football) I’m sure you may have heard or seen the score on TV, radio or anywhere else?

I got up last Saturday early at 07:00, I’m very foggy in the morning and not really a morning person so you will have to be patient with me…

DOWN BELOW are pics to giv you guys an idea of the event, so, enjoy, and if you have attended this spectacle event – what was your highlight of the event?

Entering the city

If you live overseas or haven’t been to Cape Town…Well, this is Cape Town.  I took this pic while driving into the city.  
Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa. It is a significant tourist attraction, with many visitors using the cable way or hiking to the top. The mountain forms part of the Table Mountain National Park

This is Cape Town Stadium.  This iconic stadium has held many events, like concerts and sport events.  And the Cape Town 7’s was one of those events. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE…


It was a very early sunny morning around 9:00 last Saturday.  This pic was took while I was standing outside the stadium while mist and cloud are rolling over Table Mountain

That cloudiness was starting to drift away slowly while the city was waking up and here I am standing outside the stadium while my dad takes a pic of me.  I had to keep explaining how to take a picture. It took us several attempts, but here I am still smiling.

This was just a random pic being taken from the outside while you can obviously see the entrance leading to the inside onto the field
AND HERE WE GO!! I think it was Scotland VS. Wales in this pic playing

This pic was taken from the inside of the stadium while walking around.  This was late afternoon, and here you can see the sun settling with Table Mountain and the city in sight.

Anndd !!! Here is a final pic of me while gazing out into the stadium as the crowd is leaving the stadium. WHAT A TRAFFIC JAM THAT WAS or should I say…HUMAN TRAFFIC

That’s all folks!!

Like the text says above…That’s all for now guys.  Thank you for your time and effort reading this blog post. If you liked it, GO and give me a F.O.L.L.O.W and a L.I.K.E of course!!  

Take care you – YES you wonderful human being reading this.  May you have a joyride this festive season and good luck.  Cheers…

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