BLOG SERIES Part 3: How I Became A Blogger

Hey everyone !!

Here is the last post from my BLOG SERIES.

Well, I have been working hard these past few weeks writing these blog posts…Sooo I really hope you guys are bedazzled by this last blog post from my series…

Let’s start off !!

Have you ever wondered how I became a blogger? How did DHTeenchat come to existence?


2 years ago back in 2016, I was very excited about trying new things and learning about the digital workings, how videos are made and such.

I was always inspired by YouTubers of how they talk to the camera and are engaging with their audience, and still benefits out of it.

Then I got this sudden, brilliant, idea to start a YouTube Channel, I thought I could also do what other YouTubers are doing…..Can you imagine me, having a YouTube Channel and talking to the camera?…

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, right!?!


I needed to come up with a name first and what type my content would be.  Okay, that can be sorted. I thought.

Then my mom gave me an idea; “call your brand DHTeenchat and talk about stuff for teenagers.”

!! That sounded so cool !! 

I decided to go with that idea and get started…But then I was spending lots of time to find the right editing program to turn my videos into perfection.  I was recording with a webcam, but the quality was blurry and it was always out of focus.

A day turned into a few hours, few hours turned into a week, a week turned into a month and the list goes on.  I was pretty frustrated that this whole Youtube business was confusing and not getting off the ground, but then I realized I’m more good at watching YouTube videos than creating YouTube videos.

But I didn’t give up, OH NO.  I still decided to go with my dream to create online content for people and maybe dream of being FAMOUS one day lolol.

DHTeenchat existed but on what platform? BOOM! It struck me. What about blogging? Can blogging work?

After doing some research about blogging I decided that blogging was way cooler than YouTube and you can do whatever you want and write. I was very enthusiastic like I never was before about this new business/hobby venture of mine

I started out on Blogger and posted in October 2017, I was inactive after that until February.

Then I started to post more often and I became on top of my game.  I once had 117 views on one of my posts and my traffic was sky – high.  I WAS ECSTATIC…

Then I decided to move to a few months later. was nice, I didn’t understand it at first, but as I got to know the platform more I got used to it.

Then I decided to move my game up to something more professional – oh I don’t know, maybe something like hahaha!!

In August, this year, I migrated from to

I have to say I am enjoying to write for my readers, and not just for my readers – but for myself, writing can help a person in very different ways.

In 2019 I will be back with more lit and fantastic content for you.

Whoever you are, whatever your goals are, never give up on them, because At the end that it will be all be worth it no matter how tough the road was…

Love to chat further but oh my; look at the time!!  I better get going, but I hope you guys had a great time reading this blog post and if you are new to the blogging game…Tell me how did you start.

Merry Christmas everyone and don’t forget to leave a like and comment…

Sincerely, Me.

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