Maroon 4

I’m pretty sure some of you guys have watched the Super Bowl Halftime show 2019 – which took place on the 3rd of February in Atlanta, Georgia

Well…I saw it…I judged it…and finally thought: Why does it even exist?

When I saw the first 5 minutes of the show on Youtube, it just didn’t gel well together.  And Maroon 5 was off the charts *literally*. I mean I don’t want to offend any M5 fans out there, but those guys USED TO BE a blast from the past.  Don’t get me started on Adam, I’ll never stop ranting about that guy. :(( lol

That Super Bowl Halftime show was sooo cringing: I bet the audience was paid to cheer and go crazy.

I wish to become rich. I wish to become so rich one day that I buy all the tickets to a Maroon 5 concert and go by myself. :))

The band will come out and think this is some mistake, and I’d be like: “No this is happening”!

“It’s a sold-out show, Adam!”

“Hey, stage dive”! 


Thank you guys for reading this short (super short) blog post! Hope you enjoyed it! This was just for a good chuckle! Go check out the disastrous show below performed by Maroon 4 :))




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