Oh hey! Hi, there, so glad you could make time to come and check out my blog post!  I mean obviously, you have seen it on social media that’s why you are here though.

You should know that today is my birthday, and this pic that you see below is me on my birthday *wink, wink* (also say happy birthday to me in the comments, because I’m cool)


And I want to share some tips with you guys on “how to stay safe and out of trouble on your birthday” because I want you peeps to learn out of my mistakes from 7 years ago. Also, people get sick of birthdays also, so don’t expect any jokes or things like…actually do expect things from people, even jokes. IT”S YOUR BIRTHDAY! DAMMIT!

Yeah, man, birthdays are crazy! It’s just another year of just getting older, more responsibilities, getting uglier, yeah it sucks and the list goes on.

Even Jerry Seinfeld is sharing some of his bodaciously, awesome birthday wisdom ⇓⇓

Well, birthdays are merely symbolic of how another year has gone by and how little we’ve grown. No matter how desperate we are that someday a better self will emerge, with each flicker of the candles on the cake, we know it’s not to be, that for the rest of our sad, wretched pathetic lives, this is who we are to the bitter end. Inevitably, irrevocably; happy birthday? No such thing. – Jerry Seinfeld

*Thank you old Jer*


But we before we go into my own wisdom tip for “staying safe on your birthday” here’s a pun for you (if it’s your birthday also) and for me because it’s my birthday!



Hahaha! *leaving*

Going back to the PAST…..past…..pas….pa…p

It’s Saturday, the 21st of April 2012. Now you should know, my birthday was 2 days later, today we are gonna have a birthday party. 9-year old me didn’t ask for a birthday party…9-year old me assumed there was gonna be a party or let’s rather say “expect” that there was gonna be a birthday party, but otherwise…I’ve already made a list of friends I wanted to invite to my party. My mom was making the arrangements, and of course, 9-year old me was ecstatic. (duh)

But really, I was and I am really grateful for what my parents have done for me back then for arranging the party…But I’m also surprised at how I’m still alive today, due to my mom hasn’t killed me yet for giving my parents grey hairs lol :)))

Have you ever done something stupid on your birthday? Or maybe tell someone you don’t like their present? (or them)  

Well, I was a total goofball back then, thank goodness I’ve turned into a 70-year old man over the past couple of years (yes,, I’m 70, not 17).

But on that Saturday I was super excited. The party was supposed to start at 15:00. I have an older half-sister who came a few hours earlier, she just gave me R100 airtime…yeah thanks, Michelle! Back then I didn’t know how important airtime was, now it’s like money today, so I appreciate airtime.

But as the time crept along, people started showing up, some adults and my friends. Everyone said happy birthday to me…UGH…you know the drill *eye roll*


The kitchen was set with a colorful table cloth over the table standing in the middle, it was covered with the birthday cake and snacks and chips I think. I don’t know I was very happy and in a good space right now. The adults and my parents were sitting in the living room, while I was outside with everyone else playing cricket. And the funny part was that I was in my element that I had a bandana which represented the South African flag wrapped around my head, because why not! :))

A good friend of mine and her mom also arrived later, and then my friend joined us later for cricket. You should know we were a  bunch of 7-11-year-olds. And you might think: “Wow when is this guy finally gonna talk about his accident”? But don’t worry we’ll get there, because later on, everyone else had snacks and whatnot…Just to be clear I don’t like if people eat my food or mess in my house, because that’s just who I am. *sorry. not sorry*

A bit later on, there were clues spread over the house in notes on where to find candy, a real pirate treasure hunt ya know? After we solved the treasure hunt and we found sweets and birthday stuff, we all went to the backyard. Everyone was a bit tired now and chilling and having a good time…


I always see myself as a funny, 70-year old man with a great sense of humor that people fail to see. But what happened next was an accident. LEGGOO FAM!!

It was 17:30ish, or 17:45ish I don’t know. But it did seem like a great time to go for a swim because it was late afternoon and all my friends were in the backyard with me.

We were all clothed and dry. But I was talking while walking backward…I promise this wasn’t planned, it was an accident to me but may not seem like an “accident” to you. I slipped and fell into our inflatable circle pool, biggest splash of my life I got there! WHOOPS! SLIP! SPLASH! WATER! BLUE! 

In the pool I am, wet with clothes on. I wasn’t sure how I must feel, shocked that I fell in our pool, or shocked that I fell in the pool with clothes on while my friends watched me. NO, seriously, my friends were watching me with shocked expressions. At first, I felt I was going to be in trouble because my friend (who came earlier with her mom) who is a huge snitch, ran inside to tell my mom. I immediately got out of the pool fast. My mom came out just surprised how I got into the pool, everyone after a while thought it was funny. But for a stupid reason, I jumped into the pool again, and it got old after that.

I went inside later to take a shower, and we thanked all my friends who came to my party.  The lesson I want to teach you guys: Whatever you do, don’t anything stupid at your birthday, or jump into a pool, or be weird AF, just don’t.

Be cool, be you and stay good!!



Thanks, guys for reading this blog post, leave a comment down below about your own embarrassing moments. See ya’ll soon, I hope you enjoyed the blog post!


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