FRIDAY – A poem/rap-style/blog post/ presented by DHTeenchat!

Monday morning I got up – wishin it was a… set up!

Yeah, I know! It was a sunny day, with some [clouds in the sky,] not my lucky day!

People annoying meSteal my joyI’m not a happy boy!! They are the ones who want to play cowboy.


Tuesday morning I got up – wishin I was in a… death cup! ♥

Not really obvious, but I don’t really like some humans, they cause strife here in my life.

It was a normal day, trying not to hurt anyone. People listening to their (stupid) EDM music like their cruising with Runaway (U & I)

*Humming in public* ugghh!


Wednesday morning I got up – WHASSUP! 2 days left till Friday with my hands in the air like I don’t care. Oh please help me get through this week…I think I’m gonna freak. Why does life have to be miserable? Smiling every day for people…people :((

Oh, and today I saw my friend today, he is sick in bed all day, why can’t Friday come already?


Thursday morning I got up – oh chin up! It’s Friday tomorrow! Today was a super chill day, I was patient with Billy. Everything was uphill, I think I have some skill



Friday morning I got up – nahh. I stayed in bed in pj’s with a coffee mill near me.   UNTIL IT WENT DOWNHILL > MY TEACHER CALLED TO SAY I’M FIRED OR WAS IT EXPELLED?

HAPPY FRIDAY TO EVERYONE…LOOK VERY CHIC WHILE FEELING PIQUED ( ⇐ that was unnecessary rhyming every time).




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